About Us

Meeting a need, innovating, and cultivating a strong sense of pride: Nature Alu gives itself a mission based on values that matter.


A company committed to sustainable development, Nature Alu's mission is to produce high-purity aluminium (P0101 up to 4N+) while respecting the environment and the health and safety good practices for their employees. The company offers a world-class environmentally friendly product, with a very low carbon footprint and is adapted to the needs of their clients.


Nature Alu has adopted a flexible structure to meet their client's needs from the very beginning. They have developed ultramodern manufacturing equipment and processes, which are efficient, flexible and ensure their employees' safety.

Nature Alu is entirely dedicated to the production of world-class high-purity aluminum. They favor innovation to go beyond the industry's needs, listen to stay in tune with their client's needs and pride themselves on offering high-quality products. The environment is also at the core of their concerns and they place high priority on solutions that offer the lowest possible environmental footprint.


Ideas in full expansion

Nature Alu was born in 2016 from the initiative of metallurgical engineers, each with more than thirty years' experience in the aluminum industry and completely dedicated to the production of high-purity aluminium (P0101 up to 4N+).

A project and a team emerge

The Nature Alu team has extensive experience in the aluminum processing industry as well as in the business field. It uses all its technical, financial and commercial skills to serve this innovative and highly specialized project that serves a targeted market mainly for export.

A business takes shape

Three years later, the ultramodern factory can produce world-class high-purity aluminium (99.99+) for their international clients through a segregation process with exclusive technology starting in June 2020.

Nature Alu would like to thank their partners and suppliers who have been present since day one and who continue to support them throughout their development and growth.