The product

Exceptional quality for specific uses thanks to modern and eco-friendly processes.
Nature Alu produces 99.99+% pure aluminum ingots. This high-purity aluminium (P0101 up to 4N+) is a critical material that's mainly used in the manufacturing of capacitors and the energy storage. These products require extremely low levels of impurities.
The chemical and aeronautics industry also use high-purity aluminium in their processes or for the manufacturing of parts and components. The low impurity content improves the mechanical properties of the cast parts.

99.99% Al aluminum is produced from a segregation process, also known as fractional crystallization. Because hydroelectricity is used as the main energy source, the process generates much less carbone dioxide. It enables equipment to be developed at the cutting edge of technology. Nature Alu is proud to produce the greenest high-purity aluminum in the industry.
Our metallurgists can adapt the chemical composition of aluminium to specific client needs. Note that the 4N product contains zero Na and Ca, which is often harmful in certain applications. Our products are sold in 7 kg ingots or 700 kg or 800 kg pigs, or other weights required by the clients.
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Modern technology and pure aluminum without any compromises from the environment
Nature Alu is a high-purity (up to N4+) aluminium producer that introduces a new offer into this very specific market of aluminium products with a very high value added product. Doing business with our company offers numerous benefits.

The only local producer serving the Americas

The only high-purity (P0101 up to 4N+) aluminium producer in the Americas, Nature Alu offers a new alternative that simplifies the supply to their clients in America, Europe and Japan.

Supply guarantee

Nature Alu is located in the Aluminum Valley of Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean and can obtain primary metal from 5 regional smelters or 9 world class smelters in Quebec. This guarantees Nature Alu a variety of sources, the required chemical composition and a stable supply.

Respect for the environment

No matter if it's during the purchase of metal or the production of high-purity aluminium, the entire supply chain uses hydroelectricity as the energy source. In addition, Nature Alu uses a segregated manufacturing process that uses much less energy. This process is also known as fractional crystallization. Nature Alu is the manufacturing company of high-purity aluminum with the lowest environmental footprint in the industry.

Human resources

Due to its location in Saguenay, in the Aluminum Valley, Nature Alu can rely on high-quality human resources, equally for the production, technical development, research and management.

Modern equipment

Developed by Dynamic Concept, a company that's universally recognized for its skills in the development of casting equipment and processes, Nature Alu's equipment is the result of the latest advances in technology. Fully automated, they deliver a high quality product with the highest respect for the environment and their workers.

Research & development

Nature Alu heavily invests in research and development to perfect its processes and to meet the requirements and the needs of their clients. During the development phase they used the expertise of the Aluminium Technology Center (NRC ATC) to get the maximun know-how of this technology. The pilot plant is used as a testing bench to improve their products and processes.


Nature Alu participates in the growth of their clientele by developing long-term relationships based on honesty, respect and mutual trust.